Junta Directiva 

Camara de Comercio Cristiana USA / Business Development Organization

Heber Velasquez

Founder & CEO


Evangelical Pastor and Business Administrator with the objective of serving our entrepreneurial community, with clear goals and objectives since the vision is to prepare the way to a better tomorrow, empowering our people with the power of knowledge.




 5101 16th st NW

Washington DC 20011

Mario Villafan
Virginia Vice President 


I believe and think about the golden rule and as an immigrant of this country since more than 40 years my desire is to contribute and guide families and individuals in the real estate industry. Being part of the Chamber of Commerce allows me to use my administrative and business knowledge and share it with people who want to establish themselves as entrepreneurs. I studied business administration at the University of Saint Mary's and now I have a Real Estate office in society and at the same time I have a radio program focused on personal growth, business information and information segments for the good of the consumer.

Elizabeth Espinal

Maryland Vice President​

Advertising Professional and Digital Marketing Consultant. 
Born in the Dominican Republic, as part of a large family.  Daughter of a self made entrepreneur, who overcame all sorts of limitations, allowing him to building a chain of businesses, related to rice production, and a creative mother, from whom I inherited a deep thinking-artistic spirit.  

Graduated with honors in Advertising and Communications, my career began as a copywriter in prestigious ad agencies (DDB, Ogilvy & Matters, IN, DDB), and shortly after became the Creative Director.  Working with brands such as: Verizon, Mitsubishi, Unilever, McDonalds, among many others. 
earning me several national and international creativity awards for outstanding campaigns.  

I moved to Maryland in 2008, at which time I begin to specialize in Digital Marketing.  As well as identifying the selling tendencies of diverse -multicultural audience.  After working in local agencies, I founded my company EE Social Media, to help entrepreneurs and business owners to create and optimized websites and social media presence.  Keeping in mind the large marketing needs that businesses owners face, I also provide conferences and trainings both live and online, as a Consultant  & Career Coach.    I provide my services in Spanish and English.


 Tel. 240-501-8604

Karen Alcantara

Team Leader​



 D (571) 505-6615

1577 SPRING HILL RD, STE 300B * VIENNA, VA 22182