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Our mission is to be an organization created for the entrepreneurial communities inside and outside the United States. And our goal is to help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to create networks, coaching, help train leaders and provide them with assistance in the area of ​​corporate creation, business development, legal issues, marketing and other fields.



We have three types of membership, which are adjusted according to your business level



With only $ 35.00 a year you will have access to our conferences completely free, besides being in the business directory of our website. A great opportunity to start to get to know you in the business world.


Small Business:

We offer to place the link of your business, presence in our website and social networks, in addition to free access to your online account where you will find resources from how to register your company, look for contracts and do business with local and government suppliers, free entry to all our conferences and 50% discount on tables to promote your company. for only $ 150.00 a year.



As a member of the Chamber, you identify with the vision of supporting our communities in their economic development and for the benefit of participating in all events with presence on the web and social networks. Also free access at conferences and information tables to promote your business for only $ 1,500.00 a year.




Come and participate in our monthly meetings

open to the public each month in the DMV area.

Strategic Planning


Every company designs strategic plans to achieve its objectives and goals, these plans can be short, medium and long term, depending on the size and magnitude of the company. That is, its size, since this implies analysis of the strengths and limitations of the company, planning and processes to establish objectives and achieve the goals with functional programming in the medium and long term.

Executive Coaching


Your exclusive, confidential advisory group. We meet monthly with a confidential advisory group of high-caliber executives. Gain unbiased advice from those who’ve faced and overcome similar challenges.

Fill out the membership form to learn how you can tap into the power of the Christian Chamber of Commerce of USA. Should you qualify for membership, a Chamber representative will contact you to answer any additional questions.

Leadership Development


It designed to prepare you to excel as a business professional in a variety of management positions. Pursuing our conferences programs will enhance your opportunities for career advancement and will strengthen your critical thinking skills through challenging real-world assignments.

You will also expand your knowledge in:

* Effective executive communication
* Legal issues in business
* Leading organizational change.

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